Empire of Lancia

Capital: Ferris
Current ruler: Richard the Bastard, Duke of Norchester
Government: Feudal Elective
Population: 586, 600
Demographics: 72% human, 10% half-elf, 9% elf, 7% dwarf, 2% other

The Empire of Lancia consists of 4 Kingdoms:

The Kingdom of LaChance
The Kingdom of Lavender
The Kingdom of Aquila
The Kingdom of Humany

The Empire of Lancia is a Feudal Elective Empire where the Dukes and Kings under the Emperor nominate an elector to succeed the Emperor upon his death. Because nominations can be any one of the electors, though Kings hold more resources and political power, Dukes can be elected into the Emperor position.

The Empire of Lancia was originally just a collection of kingdoms originally part of the ancient Atlantean Imperium and was said to be conquered by Aurelius himself. After the fall of Atlantis, with the Kingdoms now independent from their emperor, vied for power by attempting to conquer each other. Queen Constance of LaChance successfully conquered the three other Kingdoms, and with the recent death of King Alan of Aalator, the Palacy in a very controversial move, granted the Kingdom of Aalator to Queen Constance. With all the Kingdoms under her name and with the blessing of the Palacy, she formed the Imperium of the North and was named Imperatrix Constance the Holy. Empress Constance had three sons, Alexander, Auriel, and Constantine, on her death there was no clear successor, so the Palacy deemed that her lands would be split amoungst her sons, Alexander would inherit the Kingdom of Aalator, Auriel would inherit the Kingdom of Humany and the Kingdom of Lavender, and the youngest, Constantine would inherit the Kingdom of LaChance and the Kingdom of Aquila. However, Constantine wanted to reform his mothers Imperium, and looked to reconquer his mothers borders, and like she did before started with the Kingdoms of Lavender and Humany from his older brother, after a bloody war, he would eventually die in battle, and without any children, his territories passed onto his brother Auriel. With the vast lands now in his control, and recognizing the previous Imperial failures of Atlantis’ fall and the Imperium of the North, he reformed the government into the Empire of Lancia, a feudal elective, ensuring there will always be a ruler to govern and protect the land, and has to have the support of other smaller rulers to get to power. Auriel even appointed new Kings to serve as loyal vassals and electors, holding only his houses Kingdom of LaChance himself. Auriel had recently passed away, and while his son believed that he was the most qualified to become next emperor, the three other kings instead elected a very promising Duke that served under Auriel, Richard the Bastard of Norchester.

Empire of Lancia

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