The Palacy

The Palacy is the name given to the religious organization of the Aurelion faith. The head of the religion is the Harbinger who speaks for Aurelius until his return. It is known as the Palacy because the Harbinger and the Cardinals below him govern from the Golden Palace in the Prince-Bishopric of Alay. Because the Harbinger is the head of all Aurelion faithful, all Kings and Emperors are beholden to his authority.

Organizational Structure:

The head of religion is the Harbinger, who resides as leader of The Palacy.

At the bottom level, Priests are heads of singular churches, Bishops are heads of bishoprics (church run counties), Prince-Bishops are heads of Prince-Bishoprics (church run Duchies). There can never be a King-Bishop, as the Harbinger of the Palacy is considered the “King of the Faith”.

Bishops get nominated into 12 cardinal positions from other cardinals when a cardinal passes, and upon the death of the Harbinger, the 12 cardinals appoint a new Harbinger from amoungst themselves.

The Palacy

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