Abbatid Emirate

Other names: Erebian Empire
Capital: Kurvo
Current Ruler: Signator Mansur Abbatid
Government: Overlord
Population: 268,100, Approx. 398,700 including slaves.
Demographics: 71% Human, 10% Tiefling, 6% Half-Orc, 3% Halfling, 10% other races.

The Abbatid Emirate is an Erebian empire. Erebian empires are known as Emirates and instead of empires being named after the region, like Aurelion nations, they are instead named after their dynasty ruler.

The region was ruled through a strict hierarchy system under the red dragon Satani. Though any historian may argue that the lack of social rights is a negative aspect, the rule of law was absolute and devilishly efficient, so much so that during the invasion of the Atlantean Imperium, the large scale and highly disciplined Erebian slave armies gave some of the most well equipped Imperium troops a hard fought battle.

Ultimately the greater resources, technology, and attrition of fighting the Atlantean Imperium, along with Aurelius’ decisive victory against their overlord red dragon Satani, that the great Erebian Empire was brought to its knees.

Following the exodus of Aurelius, the Erebian Empire was one of the first nations to attempt to cede from the Imperium. While contracting devils was strictly prohibited and brutally enforced, with the straining resources of the Imperium after Aurelius left, contractors made significant deals with devils for money or military power across the region, and large slave and devil armies propagated the region once more. With the Atlantean state and military a shadow of its former self, the entire region was eventually lost.

The Satani religion never truly left the region as it had deep roots, and the primary school of thought, the Asmodeans looked to a new leader who would have the strength of will and resources for Asmodeus to accept a contract with, and Signator Mansur Abbatid was the one who rose to prominence and was able to get Asmodeus to agree to a contract. Thus the reign of the Abbatid Emirate began.

Abbatid Emirate

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