Grand City of Rosien

Also known as: The City of Progress, The Free City, The City of Freemen, The City on the Water
Capital: Rosien
Current Ruler: Grand Prince Godwyn Aurum
Religion: “Declared” Aurelion
Government: Republic
Population: 119,700
Demographics: 54% human, 12% Elf, 10% half-elf, 9% gnome, 7% dwarf, 3% halfling, 2% half-orc, 2% other races

The Grand City of Rosien is a city completely made on the sea, it is a very powerful center of trade, and largely run by powerful trade princes.

There are currently 6 trade princes
Grand Prince Godwyn Aurum – The Gilded Tyrant
Trade Prince Gale Montem – The Enchanter
Trade Prince Endymion Tenax – The Industrious Sailor
Trade Princess Quintessa Ventum – The Spice Princess
Trade Prince Barnabus Malum – The Prince of Chains
Trade Prince Aventis Sanguinem – The Jade Moon

The City of Rosien is a republic, where all residents are capable of voting in elections to appoint the leader of the city, the Grand Prince. Though anyone who lives in the city has the right to vote, only a trade prince can be on the list of candidates.

The City of Rosien is a very wealthy nation not merely for their pristine location on the water, in addition to it’s ease of access to the sea for trade, but also it’s very renown tolerance of race and religion as well as its strict international neutrality in international conflict has given traders hailing from the city access to lands and goods that makes other nations green with envy. With such a variety of goods and it’s rising population of spellcasters who look to use such rare ingredients for enchanting, lets the city boast the largest collection of magical goods and items the world has ever seen. Residents of the city call themselves ‘Freemen’ because they are not beholden to a lord or lady, and coincidentally, individual captains call themselves the ‘Free Captains’.

But with all this praise, don’t be fooled, with great power and wealth, also comes with the undesirables that accompany it. Rosien also houses significant illegal goods production and all other manner of criminal activity, but as long as the majority isn’t harmed, and the proper officials are properly bribed, many are content to look the other way. More often than not however, many are willing to live with the bad, as the call of freedom and the dream of the opportunity to rise above your station through hard work and risk has drawn many to the City of Progress.

Grand City of Rosien

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