Humanic is the primary religion of the Eastmen. Humanic is a polythiestic religions, with three patron deities, Hroki, Kϋnder, and Torden.

Kϋnder is the father god, and lord of the waves, winds, sky, and thunder Kϋnder is the god that watches over the Eastmen as they sail throughout the eastern sea from the clouds above, believed to be ruling from a fortress in the clouds.

Kϋnder’s son Torden is their nature god, attributed to forests, earth, and stone. as well as the slayer of giants and other large monsters. Torden is also seen as their earthly god, that has protected them along side them, he fought along side the eastmen as they first ventured onto their lands and fought with them to ride the lands of giants and other large monsters.

Hroki is the trickster god, son or Torden, always coveting the strength of his father and grandfather, his only power is to transform into different animals, and uses that to compete with the strength of his father, and nobility of his grandfather. Though still young compared to his relatives, none can contest his power as a spark of the divine.

Humanics believe in strength through ones own will.


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