Satani is the religion group that worshiped the red dragon Satani, however since his death to Aurelius, the followers of the faith have largely split up into two factions, the Asmodean, and Auroran.

With no clear successor, many Satani could not decide who should rule over the Arabeal people.

Satani had a very powerful contract with lord of devils, Asmodeus, and on his death, the contract was up for renewal from anyone who had the power to sign the contract. The one who rose to power and signed the contract with Asmodeus himself was the first Signator, Mansur who renewed the contract. The Asmodeans believe that the ruler with the political power to be capable of signing the contract with Asmodeus is the true ruler.

However, Satani did have a daughter, whom Aurelius named Aurora, and the Aurorans believe that the blood related daughter, Aurora is the true heir and destined leader of the faith. Auroran faithful seek to place the descendants of Aurora to become the Signator of the Satani people, if not find and place Aurora herself.


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