Aurelion is the monotheistic faith that worships Aurelius Regis, who was a powerful golden dragon, and the Imperator of the Atlantean Imperium for several centuries. After a very powerful ritual, Aurelius ascended to godhood and left the Imperium in the hands of son Regis, stating he would return when the time was right.

Though the faith only speaks of Aurelius himself most of the time, he wrote a book called the Rexicanum, which is a historical account of his life, as well as a list of his tenants and stories of morals and other mythos, and is considered the holy text of the faith. In the Rexicanum it is made clear that Aurelius had significant help from key individuals, such as his warmaster, Garth the Red, and his head scholar and first harbinger, Quinn the White. His first religious enforcer Alexander the Grey, was key in ensuring followers were true to their faith. Spoken of the least, but held in high regard was Aurelius’ dragon consort Aurora, who was the daughter of the Red dragon Satani, and is considered the mother of dragons.

Though every Aurelion has Aurelius as their true god, their patron deity may be any of the key figures of Aurelion history.

Some of the clearer holy tenants are as follows:
-Only those of the Royal Bloodline may wear the Royal Blue
-Any representation of My Image shall be made or clad in true gold
-Devout must have a trinket of gold upon them, so all lives have a visible value.
-Self respect before love, even for your Lord.
-Offer in respect, not for favor


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